What’s a hostel worker?

The Hostel WorkerThe Hostel Worker was started a few years ago as a Facebook page by a long-term traveler turned chronic hostel workers. Why not use slow periods at the front desk to share funny stories about hostels’ daily adventures? She (yes, she’s a woman!) probably spent over 3287 days working for different hostels around the globe.

What was supposed to be a comedic way to recall the perils of such work steadily grew into a popular resource for the hostel community. Of course this site may depict some real info, but it should not, under any circumstances, be taken seriously.

Here’s what readers are saying:
“Been reading your page for years, funny stuff, keep it up!”
-Roberto, Madrid
“The sunshine of the day when we start our shift!”
-Reka, Budapest
“Love your page, man!”
-Stephen, Australia
What about the cool graphics?

SevyAll the graphics you see on this site have been designed by uber cool human being Serena Vittoria Nitti. She’s worked with hostels in the past to create fun graphics, ranging from simple activity flyers to large posters showing off a city’s attractions. Check out what she’s designed for USA Hostels San Francisco. If you feel it’s time to replace the plain signage around your hostel, contact her! A few nicely designed posters and flyers make a big difference!


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